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A while ago Allen Solly gave me this fun assignment to do -Check their store out. I have always been a big fan of their formal wear most of the Allen Solly shirts has a very tailored feeling when worn, I actually went to the store thinking i will probably pick either Blazers (Huge fan) or trousers or one of those smart formal shorts .However I decided to pick up a bag since it was the perfect green bag in terms of the color and size ,can carry it everyday for work since it fits almost everything i want to take . I also picked up a pair of leggings since they werent cotton ,most cotton leggings have a problem with the quality after say 2 washes and thank heavens it wasnt Lycra either .Perfect for summers fabric . I have washed it 3 times already and it is still so soft with a tinge of Glitter .Must say the trip to the store turned to be pretty fun

Zara of course have a power that cannot be understated. They are a manufacturing powerhouse. A fashion brand that wins not on fashion, but on logistics. It is no real surprise that they could come in and sweep the Australian fashion scene like a gargantuan broom; nor is it really a surprise that, with Zaras first stores only now opening in Australia, our retail scene turned out to be just dust for the sweeping. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Praesent aliquam, justo convallis luctus rutrum, erat nulla fermentum diam, at nonummy quam ante ac quam. Maecenas urna purus, fermentum id, molestie in, commodo porttitor, felis. Nam blandit quam ut lacus. Quisque ornare risus quis ligula. Phasellus tristique purus a augue condimentum adipiscing. Aenean sagittis. Etiam leo pede, rhoncus venenatis, tristique in, vulputate at, odio. Donec et ipsum et sapien vehicula nonummy. Suspendisse potenti. Fusce varius urna id quam. Sed neque mi, varius eget, tincidunt nec, suscipit id, libero. In eget purus. Vestibulum ut nisl. Donec eu mi sed turpis feugiat feugiat. Integer turpis arcu, pellentesque eget, cursus et, fermentum ut, sapien. Fusce metus mi, eleifend sollicitudin, molestie id, varius et, nibh. Donec nec libero. To much of the world both Zara and Mango (MNG as the latter is known in Australia) are just two high-street stores that loom over virtually every street corner. And in those cities of saturation one might consider that theres no competition: like Zaras 8 million+ Facebook fans to Mangos sub-2 million, the former simply overshadows the latter. But what about those places in which Zara presence hasnt yet been felt?